"What separates Lakewood from cities mired in problems is that it has benefitted from steady leadership for decades"  (Editorial, Long Beach Register 2014)

Theodore Roosevelt



Mayor Todd Rogers        

I was thrilled to have recently been named as a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District Hall of Fame.  I was one of six alumni selected to represent Carson High School and I am very, very humbled to have been nominated by my fellow Colts.  My council colleagues were very gracious in recognizing me for this honor at a Lakewood Celebrates.  

I am also very excited that Lakewood residents and businesses have continued to support the Lakewood Education Foundation that grew from our earlier efforts to create a Lakewood Unified School District.  Over the past 16 years, we have given grants to 1,243 teachers totaling $509,056.73 and significantly improved the quality of education for a generation of Lakewood students. 

​We will begin our annual fundraising efforts with a fireworks stand at Carson Street and Los Coyotes Diagonal in July and also hold our golf tournament again in October at Lakewood Country Club.  Donations can be made year-round on the City of Lakewood website, www.lakewoodcity.org.  We'd be honored to have your support. 

City of Lakewood, CA