• A Lakewood resident for over 43 years

  • ​He grew up playing sports and learning to swim at Lakewood parks.  He was one of "Herbold's Hustlers."

  • Todd and Sally got married in the backyard of their first Lakewood home and raised their two boys here....each graduated from Lakewood High School

  •  Four time Mayor of Lakewood

  • Led the effort to create a Lakewood Unified School District

  • Founder and President of the Lakewood Education Foundation which has given over 1,000 grants totaling more than $408,000 directly to Lakewood classrooms. 

  • A 34 year member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.  As an Assistant Sheriff, he managed the Department's $3.3 billion budget and personnel operations for over 18,000 employees.  

  • ​A credentialed secondary social studies teacher for 10 years

  • M.A. in Sociology and B.A. in History


Todd's Core Values Include:

​Public Safety

​Fiscal Responsibility

​Investing in Our Neighborhoods

Honoring Our Veterans

​Honoring and Supporting Our Seniors for Building Our Community

​Supporting Quality Education for Our Children

​Maintaining Smooth Streets and Quality Infrastructure

​Maintaining a Strong Business Climate

About Todd